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The multi-award winning stand-up comedy show “My Voices Have Tourettes” is now in podcast form!


“My Voices Have Tourettes" is a unique podcast based in Iceland that features comedians and others with disorders and syndromes to help raise awareness for mental health and neurological disorders in a fun way! What a description! Simple and to the point!

Sep 8, 2020

The tenth episode of the "My Voices Have Tourettes" Podcast!

In this episode, Dan and Stefnir discuss the topic of Bipolar Disorder and address questions and comments from the public.

Hashtags in the episode:
#Acceptance #Thingsthatshouldhavebeenexplainedearlier #SuicideMath

The Matrix, Episode 5 - Mr. Crazy, and Episode 6 - Autistic Superstar

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